Determining age, intercourse and moult in Victorian Game Waterfowl

Concerning the field guide

This industry guide equips the waterfowl hunter with information to help them in distinguishing age, sex and moulting stages in harvested game ducks. These details can offer understanding of a populace’s efficiency, present status and recruitment from period to period. All waterfowl hunters in Victoria needs to be competent in determining various waterbird types. Nevertheless, this guide just isn’t designed to teach hunters on types recognition, but instead to illustrate ways of determining age, moult and sex.

Enhancing game management effort

In 2006, the Victorian Government launched the ‘Enhancing Game Management’ effort. This effort aims to better handle our duck, deer and species that are quail their habitats, and include community teams in on-ground preservation works. This industry guide is an item associated with effort.

That is this guide for?

This industry guide provides hunters with a reference that is quick to key characteristics in determining age, sex and moult of Victorian game waterfowl. It really is compact and durable sufficient to carry to you on the go. For convenience, nearly all info is pictorial, so observe tints and patterns closely.

Why identify age, intercourse and moult

These areas of waterfowl biology offer critical information about the efficiency of populations, especially recruitment from period to period. Distinguishing the timing of moult in game wild wild birds, provides information that is important durations whenever harvesting should happen without impacting breeding.

Hunter case studies

Hunter case studies are undertaken because of the Department of main Industries (DEPI) each duck period. These studies offer wildlife managers having a snapshot of types, location, age & intercourse of waterfowl being harvested. Continue reading