Jackie Stewart hugs wife with dementia every single day as he understands she may forget him any day

Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart places a tender kiss on their wife’s cheek — then explains how he’s arranging a success over dementia that could mean much more than his three globe games.

The motor that is 80-year-old star has heard of infection hit down their spouse Lady Helen – robbing her of wonderful memories and making her in a wheelchair and requiring 24-hour care in the home.

“I know there will come a when helen can’t remember me,” he says of his wife of 57 years, “but i give her kisses and hugs all day, every day and try to treasure every moment day.

“She requires love because she’s lost. I’ve lived with dementia now for 5 years and I’ve seen the degradation, in individual terms, associated with the one i really like.

“It’s a really illness that is cruel the in-patient, but additionally hugely challenging for the families.

“You learn how to deal with it – there’s no other option. It’s a curve that is learning.

“You can’t ever tell her, ‘Remember, I said,’ because she won’t keep in mind exactly what you’d shared with her, which means you need certainly to bite your tongue. Continue reading