Valerie knew that intercourse had been wrecking her life appropriate round the time her marriage that is second

At 30, and used as a human-resources administrator in Phoenix, she had serially cheated on both their subordinates to her husbands—often and co-workers—logging anonymous hookups in fast-food-restaurant restrooms, affairs with married guys, and one-night stands too many to count. But Valerie could not stop. Not after one man’s spouse aimed a shotgun at her mind while getting them in flagrante delicto. Valerie called chat that is phone-sex and pored over on line pornography, masturbating therefore compulsively it wasn’t unusual for her to select her vibrator over likely to work. She craved public exhibitionism, too, especially at strip groups, and also accepted cash in return for sex—not out of economic prerequisite however for the illicit rush such functions provided her.

For Valerie, intercourse ended up being a kind of self-medication: to obliterate the anxiety, despair, and crippling anxiety about psychological closeness which had haunted her since being abandoned as a kid. “to be able to soothe the loneliness plus the concern with being unwelcome, I became trying to find love in every the incorrect places,” she recalls.

After 10 years of holding with this real means, Valerie hit very cheap.

Facing her divorce that is second well once the end of an event, she expanded despondent and experimented with just take her life by overdosing on prescription drugs. Awakening within the ICU, she at final comprehended what she had become: an intercourse addict. “Through sexually acting down, we destroyed two marriages and work. Continue reading