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For most of execution tasks on SAP Marketing Cloud, outgoing e-mail interaction is one important part of the venture’s extent. On SAP Marketing Cloud, our experts can accumulation as well as maintain records coming from numerous sources. Nonetheless, who ensures the validity of validate email address picked up coming from these resources?

To boost information top quality, relative to your e-mail addresses, our team up withNeverBounce, a service provider genuine opportunity e-mail confirmation as well as e-mail cleaning services.

This post provides you a concept on just how to validate your e-mail addresses on SAP Advertising Cloud using the NeverBounce companies.

See exactly how the SAP Cloud System Assimilation can easily utilize assimilation scenarios in between SAP Advertising Cloud as well as non-SAP services. Learn exactly how to develop an edge to end integration situation withSAP Advertising Cloud and SAP Cloud System Assimilation.

We is going to develop a brand new combination flow (iFlow) on SAP Cloud Platform Combination and also configure the iFlow to communicate withSAP Marketing Cloud as well as NeverBounce to verify e-mail deals with.

Table of Component

  • Configure the iFlow on SAP Cloud System Assimilation.
  • 1. Get Message coming from SAP Advertising And Marketing Cloud
  • 2. Extraction Email Attends To
  • 3. Obtain the NeverBounce Access Token
  • 4. Validate Listing of Email Addresses withNeverBounce
  • 5. Check out the Condition of the List Verification
  • 6. Download and install Verified E-Mail deals with
  • 7. Chart the Results to SAP Advertising Cloud Interactions
  • 8. Bring in the Communications to SAP Marketing Cloud
  • 9. Testimonial the Data on SAP Advertising And Marketing Cloud
  • Conclusion

Configure the iFlow on SAP Cloud System Assimilation

1. Receive Notification coming from SAP Advertising And Marketing Cloud

Configure the HTTP Sender along withthe exact same address as well as authentication setup, described in the Outbound Communication Plan in SAP Advertising And Marketing Cloud. When launching a project, SAP Advertising and marketing Cloud to begin withsends out the HTTP HEAD to the solution LINK before delivering the genuine notification. In our circumstance, our team respond along witha success message so as for the initiative to be released.

This can be dealt withon the SAP Cloud Platform Assimilation along witha basic transmitting condition. In the modem, assimilation patterns utilize Camel Simple Phrase to access the header value for CamelHttpMethod as well as describe the condition to end the process properly for the call coming from SAP Advertising and marketing Cloud. When this prospers, SAP Marketing Cloud will certainly deliver the project data.

2. Remove E-Mail Resolves

NeverBounce expects the list of e-mail addresses in an indicated format.

  • Public LINK to the CSV report
  • URL encrypted string

Here, we use checklist confirmation withURL encoded strand.

The received message is actually transformed to XML and also improved to a LINK inscribed cord, making use of XSLT mapping on SAP Cloud System Integration. Utilizing XSLT is actually a single technique on exactly how a certain worthcould be drawn out from an inbound information.

Comparing the SAP Cloud System Inbound as well as Outbound Information (example access from NeverBounce):

From the SAP Cloud System Integration Inbound Message (Advertising And Marketing Cloud Outbound), the e-mail address needs to have to be removed from the Market value industry. The following notification is actually acquired coming from SAP Marketing Cloud (converted to XML):

7. Map the Results to SAP Advertising And Marketing Cloud Communications

Before generating an interaction along withthe e-mail credibility upgrade, our experts require to convert the CSV structured payload to an XML formatted haul. This could be performed utilizing the CSV to XML converter combination pattern. To carry out so, you need to have to generate a straightforward XML schema report that embodies the construct utilized in the notification mapping.

To acquire the intended design for the information applying, make an XML schema report withthe anticipated message construct on the recipient site. The XML schema file could be generated coming from the OData receiver channel in the iFlow.

Simply connect to the OData service or utilize the OData metadata report from the adapter particular tab. Select the bodies, strategy, as well as area from the menu. This creates the XML schema data to become used for the message applying.

For every row access along witha false e-mail address, generate a brand new communication. Using this mapping, we merely consider false e-mail handles. However, considering that we download all e-mail proofs coming from NeverBounce, we require to possess some mapping reasoning to just provide void e-mail handles to SAP Advertising and marketing Cloud.

To create the mapping procedure also less complex, download and install all false e-mail handles coming from NeverBounce.

8. Import the Interactions to SAP Advertising And Marketing Cloud

Finalize the iFlow by setting up the SAP Marketing Cloud recipient. This need to currently be to some extent done, from when you finished step 7.

The verification method depends on what was set up for the Inbound Communication Agreement in SAP Advertising And Marketing Cloud.

9. Assessment the Information on SAP Marketing Cloud

Before we began this physical exercise, our company replicated some information to SAP Marketing Cloud, consisting of some dummy information withvoid validate email address.

When producing the intended team, our team saw to it that Mr. Max Mustermann as well as Mr. John Doe were members of the described target team.

When releasing a project in SAP Advertising and marketing Cloud, all aim at team participants coming from the project will be validated throughNeverBounce automatically.


In this article, you discovered how to put together the iFlow on SAP Cloud Platform Integration to incorporate SAP Advertising Cloud along withNeverBounce. In the following short articles, you can learn more about the general combination in between SAP Marketing Cloud and NeverBounce and also the e-mail recognitions withNeverBounce.